Lie Q.

"Some men are born smart, some achieve smartness and some have smartness thrust upon them." - William Shakespeare (well almost).

In Lie Q., a harmless case of fraternal identity theft causes one lowly Mensa chapter to get tested itself as its newest "smartest person alive" is not who anyone expected him to be. And while intelligence clearly isn't genetic, discovering the formula for triumph does require more than taking an I.Q. exam. Because life's most precious wisdom rests in the heart, not in the brain.

When discouraged bartender yet avid Star Trek fan, Gill Keenan, unknowingly becomes his state's newest "smartest person alive," the charade begins and a reluctant hero must emerge. For his geeky younger brother Jude puts him in an awkward position by retaking the I.Q. test in Gill's name only to set a new record. In a split second, the futures of one Mensa chapter, one family pub, and one indoor community pool are all put at risk.

And the waters get deep because the former title holder now has a score to settle. With the final rounds of the annual "Mind Games" underway, Mr. Meán unearths dark secrets which challenge his opponents' resolve and heats up an uncommon rivalry. Inspiration, forgiveness, and faith all must prevail for sincere relationships not to drown in the lie. It's a wonderful life story that boils down to a race to find the solution of Love's deepest meaning.

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- Lance Baldwin