Richard Liehmann

Consultant and CEO in Berlin, Deutschland

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Hey there and Servus! I'm a native Austrian currently living most of the time in the capital city of Germany, Berlin. But I never lose the connection to my hometown Salzburg, which is a lovely place to calm down and relax.

My professional interests are strong technology orientated to be always on top of what's going on. Technology is for me the best tool to deliver fast and functional what my clients are expecting.

On the private side of life, I really love life itself, with all the beautiful things that mother nature brought to us. This starts from a hike out in the Alps, swimming in our crystal clear lakes, riding my chopper over windy mountain roads or enjoying a perfect trail run through the fields. Music and arts are finishing the day most of the time.

So if we chat in a busy bar in Berlin or during a break at the sunset, never forget that the most important thing about life are individual human beings.

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