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Student in Madrid, Spanje

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Dear viewers,

Hereby I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lieke Lorea Gaminde Garcia. I am 22 years old and I live in the Netherlands, but I also have a Spanish background. Therefore I speak Dutch, Spanish and also English. I think speaking more than one language is advantageous; not only for my personal life, to meet people and to be able to communicate, but also for my professional life. It gives you a wider work field.

I study Philosophy at Tilburg University and I am currently doing my minor in Journalism abroad in Madrid, Spain at UC3M. In the first place I chose to study Philosophy because I thought, and still think, it is really interesting. I did not had a vocationally plan with this study; I just wanted to get inspired and wise.

I can tell you now that those two desires got fulfilled and I am not even done yet with my study. Philosophy learns you to always think for yourself and to be critical. To be as objective as you can when you examine. It also makes you think about topics that you can (almost) not prove. Then it is all about argumentation. To be honest Philosophy is not a profession so you have to make one. You have to figure out for yourself what you want to do with it. I do think it is a base for life; you learn how to think and that you will do everyday.

I then chose to do Journalism because I think they fit good together. In Journalism I will also learn how to be objective and mostly how to write objective. Although this is maybe impossible, you should still strive for it.

With my minor I hope to develop my writing and to have a blog that interestes people and raise awareness on different topics I find worth to be shared.

On my Tumblr you will find these topics and articles that I think need to be spoken about. I also talk about it on Twitter, but I too use it for personal purposes.

Thank you for reading my About Me and I hope I got you attention!

Your sincerely,

Lieke Lorea Gaminde Garcia.

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