Liela Marie Fuller

Liela Marie Fuller is an author, poet, and business woman. She is the author of Life’s Reflection and Love Letters of a Worshipper: Prayer, Poetry and Prose. Both Life's Reflection and Love Letters of a Worshipper have received critical acclaim from readers. Love Letters of a Worshipper debuted as the number one new book in it's category on and it continues to draw new readers daily. While published in 2013, Liela took steps to republish Life's Reflection in 2015 under her own label - Jadora's Child Publishing. Since then her fan base has continued to grow and her fans are clamoring for her next offering.

Liela is also the owner and founder of Jadora’s Child Publishing and Heavenly Help Computer Solutions. Jadora's Child Publishing was founded in 2014 after months of discussions with struggling authors who just needed to know how to get their books in print. Liela is determined to help new writers become authors. Liela founded Heavenly Help Computer Solutions after working in the Information Technology field for over 20 years. She was determined to use what she had learned to build a solid company that would solve technical issues and teach people how to use and grow with our ever changing technological infrastructure.

Liela is passionate about her relationship with God and prayer is her weapon of choice! Liela is also very passionate about ensuring the success of future generations. Liela loves to give back to the community and is in the process of creating a foundation to help children in impoverished cities.