Lie Ling Cocoa

Lie Ling Cocoa is a multi-national company that manufactures and supplies quality cocoa products for export throughout the world. Since its establishment in 1983 as a small cocoa processor, the Company has since evolved into a competitive player in the chocolate industry with established markets and recognized products. Its multi-national background infuses a blend of Western technology and Eastern diligence into the Company's management and operations, resulting in a truly professional and global company.

Our Vision

To be the leading supplier of best-value, quality ingredients that are vital to our customers success.

Our Mission

Fulfill. To listen to our customers and anticipate their needs. We must be flexible and innovative to meet those needs and create "BEST-VALUE" for our products.

Expand. To continuously expand our business. Expand our markets by maximizing business relationships and penetrating new markets, particularly end-users. Expand production by increasing efficiency and by making smart investments.

Streamline. To always evaluate all our costs and focus on reducing them. Waste is our enemy: We need to have one of the lowest cost bases in the industry in order to deliver outstanding value to our customers..

Satisfy. To achieve total customer satisfaction through consistent on-time delivery, swift customer feedback handling and competitive pricing

Develop. To continuously improve our organization by providing our team with the skills they need in order to grow. We will provide frequent training, implement clear policies, and systematically monitor and reward performance.

Guarantee. To ensure good quality is built into every product we produce and that our quality management system is effective and continuously improving

Commit. To maximize and further develop all our business relationships so that they may evolve into lifelong partnerships

Improve. To encourage new ideas from both internal and external sources and to act on them. This is our commitment to continuous improvement and shall foster involvement of all levels in the decision-making process

Our Values

Excellence - We strive for Excellence in everything we doLeadership – We lead by exampleResponsibility - We take personal responsibility and be accountable for our actionsAttention to details – We are thorough and we recheck our work again and again Cont