Michael Liesch

Teacher, Writer, and Volunteer in Orlando, Florida

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I freelance, which makes me hard to define by profession. I write narratives and articles. I take and edit photos. I shoot and edit videos. I’m a thinker and a doer of things. I enjoy collaboration as much as I do solitude, and I’m mild-mannered in the tensest situations. In terms of narrative writing, I like alternate history, fantasy, science fiction, and suspense. I also write reviews on media and technology products. As far as photography goes, I have an affinity for nature and architecture. I’ve directed and acted in short films before, but editing is my favorite part of the production process. More than anything, I love to create things that people enjoy; the means by which I do so matter little to me. I fill my personal time with martial arts, swimming, video games, and general internet browsing.

  • Education
    • Full Sail University