Lieu Christine

I fell in love with photography at a very young age, running around with any camera I could find in my families home until my dad noticed them missing. I signed up for film classes as soon as I could while in grade school and continued studying in the dark room through out college.

During college, everyone discouraged me from continueing my photography education as I tried finding a new love. I studied biology, English, and economics with a little bit of French trying to find the "right path." I got frustrated and packed up my bags and moved from Maryland to Boulder, Colorado. I tried avoiding my camera for the whole a year I was there, which I still regret to this day.

I ended up giving birth to my beautiful little girl and had my doula take pictures for me. The next day when I should have been recovering, I was propping my little girl on my bed snapping away. Photography had won and here I am, photographing maternity, birth, newborns, and nursing shots.

My deep rooted love for photography and my extensive interest in birth and all that surrounds it allows me to constantly challenge myself to do better and give my clients nothing less than the very best.