Liev Black

Former world traveler and activist, I'm now a safely settled small-town wife and mother, passionate about cooking, gardening, and teaching my daughter to live strong, curious, and true to herself. What she knows: Mommy loves her, Mommy cleans at random intervals, and Mommy bakes a lot of cakes.

What she doesn't know: Mommy's a ninja. I come out at night, catching misfit turns of phrase and twisting the written word into nicely tied-up works of art like bad guys on the street. It's more acrobatics than it is blunt force, and that's what I love about it most.

I started my superhero career a cape-less kid proofreading the backs of cereal boxes at the breakfast table. And, like Spiderman, I was bitten by a bug. In my case, I couldn't stop examining and perfecting language. Now I'm the one writing things like the backs of cereal boxes and loving the freedom of this great new Age that lets me stay at home with the kid while my career keeps my brain adventuring around the world.

Let me go the distance for you, taking content wherever it needs to go, and from whatever starting point it sits right now, be it just an idea or a nearly perfect article. I promise to work with you with agility and grace, and to hold your hand only as much as you need me to along the way.