I struggled horribly through reading as a child and had to go to summer school for it. Since than I've had some interest in it but ...

My turning point was when I hit the 4th grade. Me and a bff discovered a series that would change everything! It was the Sweet Valley Twins that did me in. SInce then I've been hooked.

Reading is now an obsession to me. Right as I get a description of the character I picture an actor playing that role. It makes it so much easier especially when dealing with multiple characters. I also love finding images that pertain to each story.

My book interests has varied over the years. 2-3 years ago I was more into the fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal genre. Now I've found my passion in reading books penned by indie writers.

Because of the massive amounts of reading that I do, I created this blog to keep track of my favorite stories and the passages in these stories that moved me.