EmaLee Collins

♥I'm little, loud, laugh a lot, and am constantly learning more about myself. I have a big heart, big voice, and big dreams. Im trying to figure out which way I want my life to go. But I know that my life wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for the AMAZING people in it. If you can’t make me laugh…chances are you’re not worth my time. I believe; in falling we learn to fly, that we all find faith when we face our fears, and that love really is all you need. I believe whether they admit it or not, everyone needs a little saving sometimes and if you just give hope a chance to float you’ll be surprised where it may take you. I believe that opinions can change, lives can be saved and hearts can mend. That marriage can last, people are worth saving, change is possible and love is real! Face it kidd, the world is more beautiful than you think! Someone once taught me that life may be crazy.but it’s always beautiful…♥ So be happy for this moment...for this moment is your life. ♥ *Josh Vucavinsky,Rhondalee Collins & Elizabeth Storm. Forever in my heart. Rest in peace.i will love you always* ♥