Jane Sleight-Leach

Brisbane, Qld Australia

Jane Sleight-Leach

Brisbane, Qld Australia

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Hi, I’m an Energy Psychology Practitioner gaining exceptional results for clients using EFT & Matrix Reimprinting.

Based in Brisbane Australia, I offer personal sessions either face to face or via Skype, Zoom or phone.

In my local area I run 3 day retreats, workshops & group sessions.

I assist people to gently but quickly release deeply embedded trauma & toxic beliefs generated during past events, which are held in the body’s energy field. The memory, whether conscious or not, creates physical stress responses in the body, which lead over time to many physical ailments.

I have many clients who are surprised by the impact that childhood events have on their adult life. Our perception of these events as we look back at them through adult eyes, seem small & insignificant. However, to that three year old with no way to rationalise, question or contextualise it can seem overwhelming or even life threatening. These are the moments where unique and very personal core beliefs are formed, providing the basis for all of your hang ups, quirks, blocks & fears.

You were laughed at in class when you put your hand up but got the answer wrong? It totally becomes unsafe to speak up, & the pattern builds and perpetuates into public speaking terror.

Using Matrix Reimprinting, within which we utilise EFT, it is possible to release the shock and trauma that occurred in the memory at it’s source, thereby releasing the fear & phobia in the present.

This is a very simple example of what’s possible. During client sessions we have worked with adult and childhood traumas, birth traumas, pre-birth and conception imprints, past lives and we can also access future lives.

One of my specialist areas is working with women who have experienced domestic and family violence. I have deep understanding and insight into the dynamics of these relationships, and the multi layered issues that women suffer. Your comfort and sense of safety is my priority & believe it or not, you DO NOT have to re hash any stories. That aspect by far gets the most comments of relief post session.

Each client learns to competently use EFT as a tool to manage every day stress, challenges, anxiety & even physical pain. One of my biggest goals is for everyone to be using this tool to self regulate, thereby reducing build up to chronic conditions.

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Email: life2project@gmail.com
Phone: 00 61 412 200515

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