Sandra Lewis

Chef Sandra Lewis is a public speaker, workshop leader, and writer who is passionate about cultivating community and enriching lives in organizations using the metaphor of experience everyone is familiar with - the table.

Sandra brings first-hand knowledge of the challenges of managing and motivating for success, and creating and cultivating customer loyalty. Her experience includes 20+ years in training, sales, and non-profit work.

As a single mom throughout her career, she also understands the challenges of the modern day family in the age of our ever-changing, fast-paced culture who desire a work-life balance.

In 2008 Sandra followed her passion into the culinary industry. She sold her house, tucked all her belongings away in a storage unit, and rented a room about 10 minutes from culinary school.

Fifteen months later she graduated with highest honors and gave the student commencement speech at graduation. At the centerpiece of Sandra’s journey into all things culinary is her belief in the power of gathering at the table where life happens and lives are transformed.

As a speaker and trainer, Sandra knows how to connect with her audiences through the use of humor and storytelling. Because she speaks from the heart, participants are drawn to her openness and warmth.

Sandra earned a BS in Mass Communications, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Utah, and her AAS with Honors in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu.

When Sandra isn't speaking or teaching, you can find her exploring the joys of her kitchen, the flavors and tastes of the local food scene in Dallas, TX, and elsewhere, gardening, and writing on her blog, "Living LIFE At The Table."