Life Changes Canada

Addiction Treatment Center and Health Care in Caledon, Ontario, Canada

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19646 Kennedy Rd

Caledon Village, ON

L7K 1Y2


519-942-3636Life Changes Canada has only one promise to our patients. Providing the best care and treatment to total recovery from the influence of drugs and alcohol and providing the most efficient and reliable staff to support you through the difficult and life altering problems that comes with addiction.

Our knowledge and state of the art facility ensures a patient the comfort and care that is required to overcome these issues and change your life for the better.

Our assessment procedure will lead you to one of our addiction recovery treatment facility and afterward you’ll even get the benefit of our aftercare program that will ensure you start a new life of continuous and joyous recovery.

Here at Life Changes Canada, we have the experienced people that can help you rebuild your life and relationships.

Working with our treatment programs, you’ll have increased energy levels, rebuilt relationships with family and friends and a new outlook on life that will put you on the path to life without addiction a life changing experience to a new uplifting life.

Our treatment programs are customized to individual needs. We have one of the highest success rates in the country and our procedure starts with an intervention session to help him or her understand the complexity of their problem.

While you’re on the path to total addiction rehabilitation, you’ll get the full benefit of holistic and other wellness activities that include nutritional meals and psychological and even massage therapies.