R. Ernie Silva

R. Ernie Silva is a product of the Bushwick projects in Brooklyn New York where he grew up the youngest of 13 siblings; he's hardly typical in any sense of the word. His creative career started at the age of 12 when one day while break dancing in the streets he and his crew Love Disco Style were discovered by radio station 98.7 KISS FM where Eddie Rivera chose them to be the station's resident dancers. It was there Ernie got his first tastes of life in front of live audiences as they immediately began performing in shows with some of street music's hottest acts across the city. As Ernie grew so did his taste for performing, but now with a more eclectic edge. He left breaking and became fascinated with performers like Flip Wilson, Freddie Prinze, and Richard Pryor. These raw and brutally honest performers seemed to fuel the mischievous juvenile delinquent in Ernie! His new found inspiration for comedy began resulting in obscene amounts of hookie-playing; the train passes he should've been using to get to school he instead used to dodge truant officers and travel around the city looking for comedy clubs he'd seen listed in the newspapers. Consequently, the desire to make people laugh drew him back to the stage at places like the upper west side's Stand Up New York, The Comic Strip in the upper east side, and the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village. At age 17 standup became his new voice. However, while he was enjoyed the exhilarating feeling that came with being a stand up, his fascinations with performance still had wider places to spread.

Eventually his musical side came calling to be recognized. It was then that the voices of people like Andres Segovia, John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia Son House,and Jimi Hendrix began to join all the other voices he loved. These also began intriguing Ernie to mimic them as much as he could. While embarking on his tutelage in guitar styles ranging from classical to blues (most of which he taught himself while staying sleeping on odd couches here and there, random nights at hostels and homeless shelters, and a few nights riding freight trains around the country.) All these exploits and years of traveling around playing guitar, acting and doing comedy in stand up and sketch comedy forms eventually earned him a full scholarship to the newest Graduate Acting Program at the University of Southern California. In fact, after a worldwide search conducted by the school of over 360 applicants, he was given the only full scho

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