Cesley Burgess

Atlanta, Georgia

Who would have thought that a country girl raised in Miami, would end up working in Public Relations for a Fortune 500 company? Who would have guessed that this same woman would develop a unique eye for brand creation, from working with the award winning designers? I thought it, I guessed it and I am determined to share these blessings with you. Which is why I’ve packaged these skills and became the CEO & Founder of Solace Services, LLC.

Solace Services’ mission is to inspire the female entrepreneur to develop a brand true to her, teaching clients to live their best life now and showing them how to move with positive and profitable intentions.

It is a Godsend to use the talents obtained through my years of experience to take eager professionals to that next step — and my passion for seeing women develop their dream companies and helping clients update their current brands, is beyond explanation.

You’re tired of blending in, so let’s stand out. The status quo no longer suits you, so let’s create something that does. You’ve had enough and you're ready for more. I know you're worth it and you do too. Email me, so we can begin working on your brand. Email me so we can prepare you for your best life now. I'll even throw in a special rate, exclusively offered through about.me. because in my book, you matter.

  • Work
    • Public Relations
  • Education
    • University of Central Florida
    • Bachelor's of Arts Degree
    • Interpersonal
    • Organizational
    • Communication