Life Cykel

Natural Health in Byron Bay NSW, Australia

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Life Cykel is a leading mushroom company focused on growing and producing the

highest quality functional mushroom products. We do this by diverting coffee waste from

landfill to grow our mushrooms as apart of the circular economy in the pristine

hinterland of Byron Bay. We believe the future of nutrition and health is deeply

embedded in consuming the highest quality functional mushrooms on a daily basis.

In addition to our retail products we also support the National Mushroom Network the

world’s first decentralised circular mushroom economy. By enabling people to set up

their own mushroom businesses the National Mushroom Network is a turn-key solution

to creating jobs for the future, restoring localised food models and enabling access to

the highest quality mushrooms across North America.

Life Cykel at its core is a biotechnology company with an array of scientists from

Biotechnology engineers to nanotechnologists. We are focused on utilising the

intelligence of mushrooms in tangible and natural ways to create solutions to global

issues. Our R&D team are currently working to help the bees fight immune issues, find a

solution to the abundance of global textile waste going to landfill developing mushroom


Contact Information:

2 Wallum Place Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

(02) 5550 1027