Habroon Ajmal


Hello Dear,
I am Habroon Ajmal and I am from Pakistan. I am serving in rural area with my father. Christian families of these area are "bhatta mazdoor" and " bonded labour". they works under the land lord for little amount of money or laon. The person is then tricked or tapped into working for very little amount or no pay. often for week or a month. The value of their work is invariably greater than the original sum of money borrowed. If they try to complaint for justice.Their land lord treat them so badly, they rape with those poor women's and little poor girls, they abuse them physically and mentally, they torture them for not to complaint in police and they case on them for unnecessary issus. I want to help them through fighting their case in court and by giving fund to them to live peacefully and freedom but its expensive for us. we need more help from you and your community over there. please support us in our new project.

Thank you

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