Amaury Antoine

London, United Kingdom.

Amaury Antoine is a French artist born in Paris in 1985. He is a postgraduate from Imperial College who now lives in London. He became a photographer to stand aside the circle and understand our world. Anxious to look forward, scared to look backward, floating in the present time. His first creations are unclear. He looked at what others do not want to see and photographed behind the scenes of urban life, randomly looking for sense, nonsense and mediocrity.

Amaury is also a co founder of Life Framer, a completely crowd sourced photography competition– both the content and the funding to run an exhibition at the end in a London gallery (theprintspace) He wanted to independently set up a nice way to unearth talent, with a focus on exposure and honest photography. Hopefully it’s a little different from the myriad of other awards that are out there, and is of real value to photographers.