Thea Pitogo

Davao City, Philippines

I (also known as Julie Thea K. Pitogo) have performed on stages since I was a kid...the stage is my personal playground. I was an orator, dancer (I'll always thank my Mom for signing me up for all of those classes), I even tried to join contests in each of those fields but at the age of 12, when I finally decided that I needed to focus on what was 'the real me', it was then I felt my life was going to change forever. I was able to pour my thoughts and dreams into songwriting...creating melodies and lyrics to the life and sounds that surrounded me.

I experimented in varied genres of music, from Alternative to Pop punk, Classic Rock to Country ~ searching to find 'my voice', in this new-found space I wanted to call home. I was very fortunate to have grown up watching and listening to my Dad playing his vast record collection of 70s, 80s and 90s music, which obviously had a profound influence on my life and musical taste back then and still today. Yet as I became more aware and confident of my craft, I was a bit hesitant and afraid that I was 'too different' from all of the popular singer/songwriters who were on the MTV and the radio.

So I went with the flow and followed my peers...I even tried my hand at writing poetry. With little to no local role models to emulate nor learn from, I took solace in my songwriting and continued to pursue every opportunity to learn, practice and perform the music that laid inside my soul. And despite the hardships and obstacles that I faced on a daily basis, I knew that everything I had gone through was worth the many sacrifices I had to make along the way. Life goes on ~ the three words that I always keep in mind.

Determined to find the true rhythm inside of me and make my own way in this business, I just happened to stumble across this beautiful and glorious instrument, the Ukelele. Day after day, night after night, I practiced...and practiced...and then practiced some more!

I always trust God in every step that He wants me to step in and I think this is it. Not sure of what the future holds but I'm having an amazing time creating and sharing the joy through my music .