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You need to get a lifeguard training certificate from a credible lifeguard training school to become a lifeguard. There is nothing like becoming a lifeguard during the summer, many students work during summers to make a little income. A lifeguard’s job will not only fetch you a little cash, but it will also make you a more responsible person, you’ll know what it is like to serve other people, you’ll meet new people, you’ll know what a close knitted team feels like and you might save a life or two.
It is the dream of many teenagers to become a lifeguard, well all you need to do is attend training at a lifeguard training center and then you can easily find yourself a job. There are many establishments offering lifeguard training in the U.S., make sure you register with a recognized establishment certified by the state to commence lifeguard training programs in that state.

We at Lifeguard Training HQ will help you find the following training courses:
• Lifeguard Training
• Beach Lifeguard Training
• Pool Lifeguard Training