Dustin Reeder

Dustin is my name. Considered a student, musician, philosopher, engineer, think tank, and a testament to existing. A dim view of the world constrains the light at the end of the tunnel. When I wake up, I struggle to decide between being a savior to the world and savoring the world. I believe in many things, but the only solid life I find is my own. Sacrifice is an example of who you are. I grew up in privilege, but I make my own inspiration. Thought will determine you. I live in a farm town. Youth is your temporary vice, not mine. I take responsibility for my actions, always. Love is a complex term, but a simple idea. It isn't permanent, it isn't all you need, it isn't your resistance, it isn't forever, it isn't a crutch. Love is nothing more than something you make up and hold onto.