Eric Baumgartner


I am a simple person in life living day by day. I have goals and you can never keep me from achieving what I set out to do. I try to maintain a professional image while still enjoying life. I like to think of myself as an influential person as well as strong willed, dedicated and hard working. Link arms with me and you will never regret having me as a friend. I try my hardest to support and help my friends how ever I can as well as pushing them to achieve their own goals in life.

I am proud distributor for dub nutrition, a nutritional suppliment company whos main goal is to change the health crisis our world is in. I live and breath dub, I love what I do, and I know without a doubt that dub is going to be my main way of helping to make a difference in this world.

I know life is a constant path, that is actually why I chose the image I did for this page. Life is full of twists and turns, but as long as we stay on the path, we will make it to our desired destination. Another symbolic part of the image is the fact that you can not see the end result of the path. You may be able to see a tiny ways into your own future, but you never really know what it actually holds. It is your responsibility to become the person you are meant to be, and to push yourself beyond your current limitations. These current limitations should not be the deciding factors of your fate, they are only there for you to push beyond them, and become a stronger, smarter, healthier and overall better person.

I love meeting new people. Get in touch with me so that I might have the chance to get to know you and your story. We are who we think we are, and we become what we tell ourselves we deserve to be.

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    • dub nutrition representative