Carmela Villa Eguin

Student in Manila, Philippines

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Hello and Welcome to my page! But first, let me share you bit information about me. So, my full name is Carmela Villa Eguin. I don't want anyone calling me in my first name so, it would be much better if you will just call me on my nickname, "Mela". I was born on the fifth day of May in the year 1997 and currently a 19 year old student who's still exploring her teenage life. I was raised in Tondo, Manila and been living there since then. I have two siblings; they are all older than me. I graduated at Rosauro Almario Elementary School and Gregorio Perfecto High School. I studied at AMA Computer Learning Center in Morayta and finished my two-year course, Computer System Design and Programming. I am currently taking up a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology at AMA Computer College Manila and already a third year student.

When I already finish my studies, one of my goals is to help my family in their needs. I want to give back all the support they have given me since the first day I entered school because they deserve it. Second, hopefully, I can find a job that fits me. A job that is a good fit for what I’ve been interested in throughout my career. Third, if I would be given a chance then I will take a photography class because I am really into taking pictures and love to witness everything with a camera. I also want to learn the basic photography skills. Lastly, I want to travel not just the Philippines but the world. I’m the kind of person who loves to travel. I am a wanderer.

So, there. Hopefully, you already got some ideas about me and if you want to be friends with me then follow me on my social media links below. Thank you and have a good day.