Navin Pai

Navin "M@dmAx" Pai is a student of Goa Engineering College, Goa, India where he studies Computer Sciences and Engineering (CSE). He is currently a third year student of the college. He has been coding since the early 2000's and webdesigning since the mid-2000's. He is on the most-wanted lists in 27 out the 28 states of India (the exception being his homestate, Goa).

He is a self proclaimed geek who codes for fun and has a soft spot for hardware as well. He has tweaked with every tweakable component of his computer. Results of his tweaking have had results ranging from resounding successes to "shit, shit, shit..... something's burning!!" failures!!

He is a supporter of FOSS and Linux, and has participated in small open source projects as well. Network security, Quantum computing, Military Technology, Robotech, Web trends, and Neo-philosophy fuel his brain 24/7.