"说出会被取笑的梦想, 才有实现的价值"

"Say out dreams that will be laughed at, only then it got the value of archieving it!"

Name: William 웃

D.O.B: 06.07.1996

Live In: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Currently Study In: Northland Secoundary School, Singapore

Horoscope: Cancer

Race: Chinese

Religion: Christian †

Blood Type: O

Height: 168

Fav. Colours: Black, White. Blue, Green, Purple

Fav. Sports: Badminton, Swimming

Hobby: Drawing, Stare & Dream, Shopping ツ

I'm a crazy guy who likes to play a lot. Sometimes, I may even get over hyper. ツ People who doesn't know me well said that i'm shy, but my close friends said that i'm crazy!

Life is challenging, but it's GREAT! ツ

My dream jobs are: Designers, Artist, Air Stewards, Actor, and Model.

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