Life Optimization

Consultant, Psychologist, and Writer in India

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Hey my name is Aman V. Varma :)

My vision is to inspire 100 million people to become the greatest version of themselves through my "Life Optimization Academy"

I am a visionary, psychologist, speaker and writer currently living in India. All I do everyday is Read, Research, Experiment and Share wisdom that can help me and my team to become larger than life, to show up like no one else.

My approach towards this mission is what I call "Philogy" that means that I combine Philosophical Wisdom with Psychological Techniques that can help me and my team to build skills that will make our life EPIC or EXTRA-ORDINARY.

We are all about results. Team Optimize, always wins, we always over deliver, be are the most badass/charming/inspired/dominant/content/happy/radiating positive beings on this planet.

Where ever team optimize goes, people get infected with greatness. They want to be better. We are contagious.

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