Chef Ron Torres

Chef in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Life Skills and Skillets is a lifestyle program that is unique for those who are serious about their health issues. Eating is one of life’s great pleasures, so when we use the word diet, it does not mean restricting food choices, it means making the best food choices.

Our program offers a unique combination of training rolled into one program, by a team of top professionals in Las Vegas.

Eating to combat what ails you...

These cooking class segments are about teaching new cooking methods and recipe choices to individuals, who have serious health issues and need specialized diets. Chef Ron has designed cooking classes and recipes, helpful in nourishing the body during critical stages, either in recovery or for maintenance. Our specialized diet training covers most commonly known health conditions: pregnancy, cancer, stress and anxiety, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and lupus.

These recipes also include foods that help nourish the body from the effects of the drugs used to combat those health conditions.

Goals of diet: • Support immune function • Preserve lean body cell mass • Rebuild body tissue • Decrease your risk of infection • Improve strength and increase energy • Improve your tolerance to treatment • Help you recuperate faster after treatment.

Chef Ron T’s background includes... Degrees in Culinary Arts, mental health counseling, management, social work, and master’s degree in business administration.