Life's Short Productions

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During the summer of '10, Justine Castellano, Kristin Field and Devin Peacock came together and formed the fledgeling “Life's Short Productions.” This film company's purpose is to create authentic material from scratch and pool together its members' boundless energy, talent and abilities. By doing so, the crew creates original content and material to further their understanding, experience of the craft and provide proof of their individual skills.

Each founding member comes from a unique background in artistic expression and adds a touch of spice to a project. Justine Castellano graduated from NCJU with an undergraduate degree in media arts and is currently a student for her Masters degree in Educational Technology. Her ultimate goal is to adapt her favorite books into movies. Devin Peacock is a triple-threat performer, who is a former publicist and studied English with

the concentration in Creative Writing at Montclair State University. Within the tri-state

area, he has performed in numerous productions for both stage and film. Kristin Field

studied Film & Animation at Fairleigh Dickinson University and produced her first short

film during this time. Now out of school, she freelances shooting, editing and writing

web-based material, music videos and corporate videos for various clientele.

Together, this trio of young professionals hope to wow, inspire and move you with

their talent & vision. One project at a time.