Vicki Marinker

Recruiter, blogger, and Small Business Owner in London, United Kingdom

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My name is Vicki, and I’m a lifestyle blogger, mid-lifer and mum of two young boys (7 & 9) living in North London. Please check out the blog at

I turned my world upside down in 2014 when I decided to leave corporate life, become a freelance recruitment consultant and start my own skincare & makeup business.

I noticed a dearth of honest writing for women like me in their fabulous 40s and beyond, but hadn’t thought about blogging until I met a neighbour, who just happened to have a very successful blog. She inspired me to start writing and so my online adventure began. I published my first blog post in October 2014.

I’m a bit of a sucker for skincare and makeup and I am a recovering handbag addict. I love fine food and have a long list of restaurants I want to visit. I keep a list of all the meals I’ve cooked for guests dating back to 2008, so I don’t serve them the same meal twice. However I’m trying to start a ‘Lazy Cooking’ movement. I believe it’s possible to cook quickly and eat well.

I’m always on the look-out for ways to entertain my boys. And I love handbags. Did I mention that already?

I hope my honest product reviews will make your life easier or perhaps help you to look and feel even more gorgeous. My unrestrained personal stories and opinion pieces are there partly as therapy, but if they entertain or help you feel that you’re not alone, so much the better.

By the way, maven means expert – but in my case it’s intended to be taken with a hint of sarcasm. I’m just feeling my way blindly through life like everyone else.