About Me

I’m Rosie, i’m 24 and a stay at home Mummy. I live with my Partner D, and our beautiful Daughter P in Lancashire. I love photography, socialising with my friends and our life as a family of 3.

I’ve always wanted to write a blog, write down everything that happens in life documented so we can look back on it in years to come, with social media evolving daily everything is captured ready for the future.

I’m a parent first and foremost and want to share the ups and downs of life with our little family, things that have helped us, things that we love and things that make us the parents we are today.

Photography is my passion, something i’ve loved since becoming a Mummy, our house is littered with P’s photographs, so much so my friends say it’s like a shrine, I suppose I see it as why take them, if you’re not going to display them.

Welcome to our life, enjoy the ride.