Life Through the Lens


Based in Stoke on Trent and Eastham Village,Wirral, Life through the Lens is a private ultrasound company specialized in providing the expert 4D baby scan services. We provide2D, 3D & 4D scanning of your unborn baby by providing you with amazing images that are far more impressive and detailed than the conventional ultrasound scans that you receive at hospital.

We offer a wide range of baby scanning packages ranging from pregnancy confirmation scans, sexing scans from 16 weeksright through to our most comprehensive 4D packages providing DVDs,colour prints, Key rings & Fridge Magnets. We have highly skilled and excellent team of NHS Sonographers, who perform all the scans with absolute perfection.

At Life through the Lens, our job is to provide you with a memorable experience that you can keep forever. We focus to deliver the best value and affordable packages to our clients.With 4D baby scan, you can actually see your baby moving around,yawning, and even sucking their thumbs.

If you too want to experience this beautiful feeling, get in touch with us today!