Andrew Cornelius

What's up? So I was pretty flippin' bored and decided to make a page on this site. My name is Andrew. I'm 21 years old and play Soccer on a constant basis, have been since I could walk basically. I enjoy a huge variety of music. I love to cook and I love foods of all type. I love to try new foods too. I'm your typical 21 year old. I listen to my music too loud, I smoke cigarettes and bud and let's not forget the all important alcohol that I'm quite a fan of. As of right now, I'm unemployed and kind of wandering around without any freakin' clue about what the fuck I'm going to do with my life. But that's okay because I'll figure it out one of these days. Hell, I'm only 21 and I'm in no rush to grow up. Now that doesn't mean that I'm not mature, it just means that I'm not ready to move on from the partying lifestyle and settle into a famly lifestyle with careers and kids....yet. Anyways, I'm tired of blabbing, if you want to know more, just ask.