Protandim by Lifevantage

Protandim is the ONLY supplement proven by peer-reviewed, published scientific research to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40%, slowing down the cellular aging process to that of a 20 year-old!

Formulated with a powerful blend of natural phytonutrients, Protandim signals your genes to increase production of antioxidant enzymes, giving your cells and body the ultimate protection from oxidative stress. Not only is Protandim a powerful antioxidant, it is also an amazing workout recovery agent. By way of increasing glutathione levels by 300%, Protandim facilitates muscle tissue repair, tremendously reducing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Read The Research. Harvard. Louisiana State University. The Journal of the American Heart Association. The research is so good we’d be violating FDA regulations if we talked about them! Learn more about the studies that show how Protandim proves to be the most effective free radical-fighting solution on the market today.

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