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Life is a Game Without Rules

Life without rules

You know you are liberated to live and enjoy your life when you love that which you do. As soon as you start doing that which you love, you won't ever work again. Every day life is your game, and there are no rules, if you don't allow differently.

Life without rules

Jobs are associated with struggle, obligation, and rules, things we dread, but if you do that which you love, the different options are twelve hours a day doing it and also you won't feel you're working at all, in fact, you will be so energized that you'll feel you can preserve on going, and going, and going... just like the Energizer bunny.

In order to live life without rules, you need to identify what you love; define that which you truly like to do, the best way to earn a living out of it, where you want your lifetime to go. Envision the perfect job to convey yourself, to allow your abilities and personality run free.

Your job can be work or it can be your playground, where you run, jump, laugh, and express your deeper self. In this playground you can release your full creativity and find out your best self. You will find out how immense your power is and just how joyful it's to reside.

At first, probably the most successful people in business did not have 'making money' his or her definitive goal, actually, individuals who crave money and fame are usually the saddest and less accomplished you'll find. These people may get rich, but they are poor inside, and they often hate their lives and even themselves. Money is not a reason behind being; it's a consequence of having top reasons to live.

Cash is indeed a strong instrument and a very satisfying reward; however, it can become poisonous if it becomes your purpose in acting. As soon as starting doing what we should love and get efficient at it, the money will come. Once you realize you are getting well paid for doing something would happily do free of charge, you know you are well on the right track.