Gillian Marsollier

Gillian Marsollier M.TCM, R.Ac., C.I. completed her 4-year TCM Acupuncture and Herbals program from the CCAOM and successfully completed the CTCMA provincial registration exam in 2001.

She has been instructing since 2005 and created the bulk of the curriculum and instructed at the first approved college of Acupuncture in the East Coast.

She was promoted to Program Directed as had and Acupuncture program approved in Halifax, NS in 2008.

She held the AB registration exam boot camp in St. John's, NL with the students achieving incredible results and a 100% written exam pass rate. She has also created and taught the BC registration exam bootcamp for the Pacific Rim College students in Victoria, BC.

She currently resides in Victoria, BC and is instructing at the PRC college and in private practice.