Ligaya Arcenas

Since 2006, Ligaya Arcenas has worked as a Unit Manager for the land investment and real estate firm Velur Enterprises, Inc., in the Van Nuys neighborhood of Los Angeles. In addition to the skills she has accumulated during her years of experience as a licensed independent real estate broker in the state of California, Ms. Arcenas earned a B.S. in Accounting from Masbate Colleges. Ligaya Arcenes also holds certification in tax preparation from H&R; Block and as an Enrolled Agent from the Internal Revenue Service. After receiving her certification in tax preparation in 1998, Ligaya Arcenas spent eight years serving as a Senior Auditor for the City of Los Angeles Community Development Department/Financial Management Division, where she gained extensive knowledge of investments and the real estate climate of the Los Angeles area, as well as a healthy appreciation for public service. Guided by her personal philosophy of integrity and philanthropy, Ms. Arcenas currently applies her hands-on experience with real estate, investment, and tax-related issues to her work at Velur Enterprises. Ligaya Arcenas advises and educates prospective clients on how to diversify their 401(k) and IRA retirement plans through investment in pre-developed land throughout Southern California. An avid reader, Ligaya Arcenas enjoys books that offer insight into her chosen fields of investment and real estate and help her to improve the service she provides her clients. Ms. Arcenas counts Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Robert T. Kiyosaki as her current favorite books. Outside of work, Ligaya Arcenas remains active in her community, devoting numerous hours to charitable work through a number of churches and community organizations in Southern California.