Light Melody

Arlington, Va

I'm 18 years old from Arlington,Virginia and I have been voice acting, animating, and drawing since I was 11. I have voiced in a few projects with other people in the Yu-gi-oh community, Tales of Community, and some songs in My Little Pony Projects, the only two so far being Derpy's 200 smiles, and the Massive Smile project credited as Superkaruri and Light Song. I have been certified as a Photoshop Adobe Associate and as a 3DS Max Autocat Associate. I also am good with Illustrator and Flash. Currently, I have been auditioning for projects on and even put up projects on my own on there. My big project at the moment is Ties of Fate, my own series along with a friend. Inspiration for this comes from so many things it should be described on it's own page. Need me for a project? Alright, I'm your gal. Need me to voice in an Indie game or something along the lines of paid work? Heck yes, I am your girl! Contact me at: