Light Scribe presents: AnaVa, the series

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AnaVa (Bk 1) and AnaVa: Key & Commentary available now as eBooks on Kindle at Coming soon: AnaVa: Fulfillment

"Five lands, one people. Moving forward takes us back to the Beginning..."

In a land divided by compromise, there are many with us who remember the Promises and the King who made them. Though hidden, we will play our part and stay in Resonance. That way, even the land will remember. But will our voices be enough?

Enemies of the King rise up with a voice of their own to make us forget, to weary us. They want to take away our heritage, to weave the Light that rides the Rue Ahq wind.

The Rebellion would stop us, too, but their eyes - for now - are elsewhere, looking for the AirrEisheth Seraiah, the Prince's Betrothed. Their union is the key to all the promises, though no one's sure how or why. The Rebellion believes they can stop it, but are their weapons strong enough?

Not if Ancient Weaver words are true. They say all things submit to love. They say this, too: that the battle isn't about survival, it's about about who to believe. Like in the children's game of Sholle Taunn.

The children are coming to teach us. It's not too late:

"Affliction is wedded to Purpose. There is more at stake than just you. You are Alive, and not in vain! Play the game! Dominion!"