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Kin List:


- lightbulb (II)

- rose quartz (SU)

- fuyuhiko kuzuryuu (DR)

-rantaro amami (DR)

don't follow if you are these characters!! If you do I'll happily block u


- snowfur (WC)

- bow (II)

- tub of lard (EEE)

i don't mind if u follow me if you are these characters, but i have lots of memories of them and will talk about them a lot!!


- amethyst (SU)

- wendy (GF)

- nickel (II)

- door (TOSM)

- snowglobe (OO)

i don't have as many memories with these characters, but i will still talk about them!!


- peko pekoyama (DR)

- nagito komaeda (DR)

- greg universe (SU)

- basically the whole of the bright lights (II)

- ouma kokichi (DR)

- hajime hinata (DR)

i will talk about these characters a lot!! If u are kin with these characters, bear in mind that id love u (platonically). If this makes u uncomfortable, u can unfollow if u want!!