Lighthouse Newfoundlands

Grafton, OH

Lighthouse Newfoundlands, maintained by professional dog breeder Lisa Martens, produces champion Newfoundland puppies in Grafton, Ohio. Since the kennel's founding in 1998, Lighthouse has achieved status with the American Kennel Club as a Breeder of Merit. Ms. Martens demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a healthy environment for Lighthouse Newfoundlands dogs and devotes a significant amount of time to cleaning and maintaining kennels. She also keeps her dogs brushed, groomed, and clean, and ensures that they have access to both indoor and outdoor environments and protection from hot and cold weather. During extreme winter weather, the dogs remain in an indoor heated kennel. Since Newfoundlands have a low heat tolerance, Lighthouse dogs remain indoors during hot days with fans aimed toward them.

In addition to the American Kennel Club, Lighthouse and Lisa Martens hold membership in the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America. The kennel is rated with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and keeps only microchipped animals, in line with American Kennel Club guidelines. Lisa Martens additionally screens the dogs she keeps for cystinuria, a disease that can be fatal in males.

Lighthouse Newfoundlands distinguishes itself among Newfoundland breeders by feeding a high-quality, healthy diet of Merrick dog food. Highly cautious and selective in its breeding, the kennel maintains a low breeding volume by allowing appropriate breaks for females between litters. Once females can no longer breed safely, the kennel spays them and keeps them as pets instead of rehoming them. For more information about available puppies and breeding adults from Lighthouse, please visit

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