Lighting Affairs

Our bright ideas have been shining down on many domestic or commercial areas since 1996, and that light has been ever intensified by the warmth of our excellent customer service, that has been described as the perfect balance between professionalism and friendliness. The latest lighting trends and the high quality, durable products are our primary goal. From changing a light globe, to completely designing every detail for the lightning of your new home, we remain open 7 days a week, ready to assist you in any possible way we can, regardless of how specific or mundane the requirement.

Should you choose to shop online and visit our website you can encounter the greatest range of lighting products one might ever need. There, you can click to have the products sorted in various categories, for instance – by type, and you may single out what you need: LED, fluorescent, halogen, solar and led strip lights.

Furthermore, if you're in a middle of a renovation or building a new home, we offer the opportunity to work closely with the designated electrician in order to ensure a greater level of security when it comes to deliverance, installation, protection from theft or any inconvenience regarding storage.