Paula Symons

D-light design, is an independent Lighting Design company based on the outskirts of Swindon, Wiltshire. The company was set up in 2003 by myself, the Principle Lighting Designer. I was originally trained in Architecture but discovered my passion for lighting about 15 years ago & decided to specialise in Lighting Design.

I have a diverse portfolio including domestic lighting and commercial lighting projects, as well as exterior lighting design. I pride myself on running a business where integrity & professionalism is of paramount importance. I also place great importance on the fact that D-light Design is a totally independent Lighting Design Company.

With 30 years' experience in the construction industry & my training in Architecture, I have a full understanding of most aspects of the design & construction process. With more emphasis on energy efficiency these days to comply with new regulations, I believe that design does not need to be compromised. My knowledge & understanding of Building Regulations is not just limited to Lighting & as a result, I can consider other professions that may be affected by my Designs, ensuring all information is provided for them to achieve the desired lighting effects. Also, with good communication skills on site, I can liaise with all members of the building team from Architect through to the Electrician or Carpenter, in a precise & professional manner.

When it comes to dealing with the Client, I can offer a Lighting Design Service which will guide them towards the most appropriate luminaires to create imaginative & inspiring lighting solutions, either in a contemporary or traditional style. I believe that a good lighting scheme includes a variety of light sources whether it is up-lighting, down-lighting, wall washing or task lighting. Also, with more advances in lighting control you can now produce stunning results that not only reflect different moods but also contribute to energy efficiency. The lighting effect can be far more important than the light fitting itself, so with clever designs, hidden lighting & maybe the use of colour, schemes can be produced that will e