Light Journey

lighting specialist and lighting distributor in Lim Kim Hai Building, 53 Kallang Place, 4th Storey, Singapore 339177

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Light Journey (The vision of LKH Group) is a Lighting Specialist with services ranging from sourcing, planning, design support, simulation to site supervision and ROI calculation. We create with care and professionalism.
- Our Story
LightJourney is the vision of LKH Group, a market leader in the distribution of lighting, electrical equipment and accessories to create a collaborative platform for our partners with passion in lighting to create, share and realise their dream lighting statement.
Spanning more than six decades, LKH Group has established itself to be one of Singapore’s leading distributors of lighting, electrical equipment and accessories.
To continue meeting the needs of a dynamic market and the aspirations of a new generation, LKH Group sets out to establish this entirely new branding for its lighting business.
- Light Journey
We are a group of like minded lighting enthusiasts, having the relevant experience in the industry to listen and in collaboration with our global brand partners, provide the practical solution to create our client’s desired lighting statement.
- Our Service
1 Lighting Project Development and Design Support
2 Product Sourcing / Customisation
3 Supply and Installation
4 Retail Lighting Roll-out project management
- Our Collaboration
1. Developers
2. Architects/Interior Designers
3. Lighting Designers/Consultants
4. M&E Consultants
5. Brand Partners
6. System Integrators
7. Contractors

Address: Lim Kim Hai Building, 53 Kallang Place, 4th Storey, Singapore 339177.

Phone: (65) 6897-7078