Rachel Wegman

Boston, MA

My career in food, like so many before me, began in the humblest of ways – a summer job balancing dishes and tripping over uneven patio stones at a fine dining restaurant. On those sticky summer nights my world telescoped – all I saw was food, drink and the joy it brought to those around me. I eventually left that little restaurant to train as a prep cook, and finally as a line cook. I was hooked. Immediately upon graduating from college I went on to get my Masters in Gastronomy – at the time I was also going to school for culinary and pastry; later wine and cheese.

I don’t see myself as a baker, and I would never call myself a chef… but I do bake and cook, frequently. I love to eat, and to drink – I love it even more when I’m doing both at the same time – I’m good at. I don’t have a favorite cuisine or dish, and I don’t consider myself a classical cook, though I suppose I am classically trained. My reasoning being: I don’t believe you can master the world of gastronomy, and I don’t know that you should try to. All this is, all any of us can do, is grasp at components of the world around us and piece them together in meaningful ways. Sometimes it is about expression or hedonism, sometimes it is even about ego, but usually it is about love. There are no rules here, and if there were, I should certainly hope we could find a way to break them.

My mission here is simple. Live life to the fullest through good food, good drink and good company.

  • Work
    • Wegmans Food Markets
  • Education
    • Wellesley College
    • Boston University