Moos Griffith

Urban Ethix 3 Piece Bike Light Kit - Be Safe Be Seen

The majority of us have bought the low-priced bike lights available before right ? Ok, they do a job and are better than nothing, but do they really have an impact on whether you're precisely seen and noticeable to traffic in the near environment ? Do they really have an influence on the pathway ahead ? As a cyclist, I need well made, dependable lights that attract attention, making sure 100% that I'm clearly evident to other road users, ensuring to augment my safety and security, providing me with freedom, confidence and peace of mind whilst cycling.
This stunning Led bike light setup is the ultimate bike light combo and provides exactly that, at a very reasonable price. There's no doubt, with this set you will be seen, you will be safer.

The thing us cyclists are most aware of whilst cycling, is other traffic, specially whilst riding in the city. I like to be highly unmistakable from the front and notably from the rear to all other traffic, almost demanding attention, so that cars, buses and trucks etc know I'm there.
Actually, if you need a headlight for your bike, chances are you need a backlight as well. With this magnificent bike light setup, including the free helmet/backpack light, you're covered all round.
The ultra easy installation combo includes the chic, powerful and rugged headlight secured by a stable quick release clamp, providing swift dismantling. Featuring an ultra bright 300 Lumens Cree Q5 Lens with Zoomable function up to x 2000. Visit More about this bike lights led product to research the meaning behind it.
The two .5 watt Led's of the sturdy and intense taillight, made from impact resistant, tough glass filled plastic, beam out distinct, bright and brilliant gleaming red lights ensuring you're obviously seen, with it's robust mount securing to the frame.
Finally, the versatile utility light, appropriately suited for use on helmet's, backpack's or indeed as an extra back light provides added safety and security, enhancing the riders visibility to others, specifically from the rear, which is of utmost priority. The compact aluminium and tough plastic Led, gives off an intense red beam, unmistakable to fellow road users.
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