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We are a private trading firm based in Vancouver Canada, specializing in trading the forex market. We have been providing our daily research for over ten years to traders around the world. Our goal is to help traders like yourself make money consistently in the market.

Introduction to Forex trading

This one hour, online course gives you everthing you need to trade successfully.

What will I learn?

1. What is forex and how you could potentially capitalize from it. 2. Lightspeed Traders exclusive trading strategies used by professional analysts. 3. How to use a variety of trading strategies through step by step demonstrations. 4. How to protect your trades with stops and limits and how to find optimal entry and exit points.

The $50 course fee is 100% refundable if you are offered employment by Lightspeed Traders Inc. This online skype course is available weekday evenings at 7pm and 9pm PST. Space is very limited, please register early.

Real time trading room

If you would like to try out our trading room we offer a FREE two week trial, no credit card required. Please find us on skype. We will gladly add you. Please indicate that you are interested in the trading room free trial.

Trades are easy to follow and are posted at 11 pm PST daily. Each trade tells you exactly when to buy or sell, has a stop loss and a target objective.

The trading room opens at 11 pm PST and is open six hours each day. Live and interactive commentary is given and trades are updated throughout the day.

Full or part time employment

We are always looking for new talent to join our team whether it be as a trader or with our affiliate program. If you have a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed, please email us your resume.

skype id: lightspeedtraders

Skype Trading room results

March 2014 +541 points $8,115

April 2014 +688 points $10,320

May 2014 +355 points $5,325

June 2014 +308 points $4,620

Jon Sproule, Managing Director

Lightspeed Traders Inc.


Twitter: jonsproule

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