Chi-Young Lii

Willow Grow, Pennsylvania

Jeffrey was born in the great state of Arizona in the year of 1991. However, soon after he was born he flew to the island nation of Taiwan in order to train in the secret ways of Asians. He came back a mere two years later, but continued to periodically visit the great island nation at least once every year. This back and forth continued for a few years until finally, Jeffrey finished his high school education in Taiwan in 2010. As a result, Jeffrey gained proficiency in all forms of travelling (planes), and a bonus roll in all things Asian, as well as high ranks in Language (Madarin).

Jeffrey than applied and entered into the mystic school of Physics, located deep within the dangerous central plains of Illinois, of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. There he learned the powerful arts of self discipline and organization, as well as the arcane power of programming and math.

After two years, Jeffrey transferred to the dark school of Penn State Abington, There he waits, biding his time until he can enter the world through a Jeffrey shaped hole in an unsuspecting company and take over the world! To bide away the time until his dark birth, Jeffrey took internships in web page writing and control system programming.

Jeffrey once wrote webpages for a company called Luchu Hsinchu. These webpages were part of a system to manage invoice data in a database. Users could add, modify, and delete invoice data. In addition, users could look for certain invoices by "sender", "type", "time added", and other such forms of data.

Jeffrey also studied PID control systems in the robotics lab at Chiao Tung University, in Taiwan. PID programs control a process variable in order to change a system to a desired set point. They accomplish this through a summation of a proportional, integral, and derivative error functions, which look at the present, past, and future, respectively.

  • Work
    • Luchu Hsinyi
  • Education
    • NEHS
    • UIUC
    • Penn State