Liis Treiel

Tallinn, Estonia

Hi, i'm Liis, a 23 years old barmaid from a small Eastern European country named Estonia. In the end of 2012 I became a bachelor in business and economics but sitting all day in office isn't really my thing. So I continued working as a barmaid and I do part-time accounting for some small companies. I also have my own online-butique where I sell cool vintage-jewellery (

I have always enjoyed good food and wine, and lately I have tried to follow a little bit healthier lifestyle. Endomondo sports tracker is my new best friend and evenings with fast food are in the past. Yet of course I'm far from perfect and I still have Sundays when I call over my friends with big McDonalds meals. I'm never going to be crazy diet girl who eats only salad and runs all days and nights but I think doing something is better than doing nothing.

I love cooking with friends, so I started a new blog named Eat With Liis ( where I share my favorite delicious healthy recipes and also my experiences in different restaurants.


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