Jun Li

Shanghai, China

Always exploring beauty in life and connecting people to share— this is Jun saying hi!

Although my technology management work seems pretty heavily left-brained, I balance my life with right-brained interest in beauty and people.

I am naturally drawn to all the beautiful little things, from nature, art and sports, to the smile of children. Did you ever notice that no two flowers, even from the very same species, are identical? Are you aware that people could draw better with their non-dominant hands, as they would be forced to observe more accurately? With a keen observation, I gain sensibility to people.

I love to connect with people, to share, to inspire and be inspired. Participating educational NGOs in Shanghai, I hosted youth events, interviewed people with interesting experiences and initiated charity program for impoverished children.

A sharing explorer, I am unfolding an abundant life!

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    • Technology Innovator