Lijun Zhang

Student in 蒙彼利埃, 法国

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About my future career, I am willing to do business in cross-border e-commerce.

As a student, i got my double degree about English and Electronic Commerce in China, and study international business in Montpellier Business School in France.

Abilities are important,I speak Chinese, English, a little France and Korean. I know how to design and build a website. I am good at the marketing and know well about the customer management.

I am outgoing and positive people, i have flexibility to adapt the different environment. i think hardworking is one of the most important things to be success. I am eager to learn. I have enthusiasm to get experiences to improve myself. I'm happy to collaborate with other people. in my opinion, such as communicating with other people, travel, attempting to do new things are another good way to know the world not just from books.